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Credit in the Straight World: COMPLETE

Fandom: SPN
Title: Credit in the Straight World
Author: vaingirlfic/ninhursag
Pairing: Sam/Dean (with Sam/OMC, Sam/OFC, Sam/Jess and a hint of Dean/Others along the way)
Rating: Adult
Warnings/Spoilers: pre-series, so no spoilers. Story contains: explicit sexual content, some of which involves the underage. Kink. Sex and violence that may trigger some people. If you know you have issues with triggers, or you just like warnings, detailed warnings are here.

Part 4 zip:
Part 4.1, 18:28, 6.4 MB
Part 4.2, 27:44, 9.6 MB

And the whole thing:
MP3 at archive: 2:50:52, 58.6 MB
M4B at archive: 2:50:52, 78.6 MB


It's done, it's done, mirabile dictu! I probably shouldn't have picked a three hour fic for my very first podfic but it was really fun!

So what should I do next? :)

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