August 22nd, 2009


A Woman's Work: cidercupcakes, DCU/The Dark Knight

Title: A Woman's Work
Fandom: The Dark Knight
Pairing: girl!Joker/girl!Batman
Fanfic Author: cidercupcakes
Rating: R
Read by: Ann Ciudad
Format: mp3
Text: here

Mediafire Link: A Woman's Work.mp3, 2.8 MB, 8:06

Summary: "I'm not going to kill you, don't worry, we girls gotta stick together. I mean, look what a mess the men made of this town. What would they do without us?"
Warnings: genderfuck, non-con groping, it is the Joker after all

Less than ten minutes, jeez, does that even count as a podfic? This is for the lovely and wonderful tacky_tramp because she asked. Actually, and also for the sheer fun of doing girl!Joker. Is there anything in the world less reassuring than the Joker going "Don't worry! :D "?