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Revelations: Chapters 13 & 14; Avengers, Astolat, Thor/Loki

Title: Revelations, chs. 13 & 14
Fandom: Avengers
Fanfic Author: [personal profile] astolat
Rating: Adult, eventually; PG-13 this chapter
Pairing: Thor/Loki
Read by: Ann Ciudad
Format: mp3, m4b
Text: at AOOO
Warnings: sex and death and Thor and Loki
Mediafire Link:
13 Revelations - Chapter 13 - Tony.mp3, 57.64 MB, 39:42
13 Revelations - Chapter 13_ Tony.m4b, 18.33 MB, 39:42
"Nothing," Tony said. "Job needed doing, we did it. Some minor cleanup issues, nothing we can't handle. It's going to be fine."

Mediafire Link:
14 Revelations - Chapter 14 - Natasha.mp3, 24.17 MB, 16:34
14 Revelations - Chapter 14_ Natasha.m4b, 7.65 MB, 16:34
Natasha kept her cap low and her collar high, despite the heat, until she got to the door of the bar. She felt it again, the low deep-down pull that told her she was close, told her she was where she needed to be.


1) The line that really kills me in this one is Natasha all calm going "There are a lot of ways to get memories back." Like brainwashing and memory theft is just a thing you gotta expect, there's lots of ways to cope with it, keep calm. Oh, Natalia. What has been done to your life?

2) Although "your highly convincing rodeo of bullshit and murder" is a very close second.

3) I almost don't believe it, but after 12 chapters, there's finally a little slash in this one! I swear, I wouldn't lie to you.

The fic is complete and available at AOOO; the podfic is a WIP.

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