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Revelations: Chapters 15, 16 & 17; Avengers, Astolat, Thor/Loki; COMPLETE

Title: Revelations, chs. 15, 16 & 17: COMPLETE
Fandom: Avengers
Fanfic Author: [personal profile] astolat
Rating: Adult
Pairing: Thor/Loki
Read by: Ann Ciudad
Format: mp3, m4b
Text: at AOOO
Warnings: sex and death and Thor and Loki
Mediafire Link:
15 Revelations - Chapter 15 - Thor.mp3, 91.66 MB, 1:03:52
15 Revelations - Chapter 15_ Thor.m4b, 18.33 MB, 1:03:52
"The end of all things," Loki said, without looking around, and she stared at him startled.

Mediafire Link:
16 Revelations - Chapter 16 - Finale.mp3, 50.95 MB, 34:57
16 Revelations - Chapter 16_ Finale.m4b, 16.14 MB, 34:57
Loki's face was fey and wild and illuminated with the pale light of his power; his lips moved slightly as he fought, on and on, perhaps with a death-song, making a lament for them, the only one that ever would rise to the boughs of Yggdrasil, for what little that mattered now.

Mediafire Link:
17 Revelations - Chapter 17 - Epilogue.mp3, 10.54 MB, 7:08
17 Revelations - Chapter 17_ Epilogue.m4b, 3.3 MB, 7:08
Tony waved a hand. "No, it's all right. We've got a plan for this."

Entire file (05:53:09) in mp3 (159.0 MB) and podbook (166.0 MB) at the audiofic archive.



I read these stories in part to figure out why these particular stories are the ones I want to read. You learn so much from reading a story aloud, and even more from editing it. I wish I had the time to record the story and then edit it twice through: I could do such a better job now with the timing of Loki's slow disintegration, the escalating madness. And yeah, this story drew me with the indulgent me-catnip of being pornographic, not so much about its sex, but about its emotions; mm, yes, come here and let Loki fill you up with his dripping hot angst. But also it is kidfic, and a particular kind of kidfic. It is a story, though this is not in the warnings, about facing the terror of losing your child to death.

And also the betrayal of losing your child to adulthood.

I hope it is even half as enjoyable to hear as it was to read. Thanks for listening.

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