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Margin Walker, Star Wars: TFA, Hux/Kylo Ren

Name: Margin Walker
Author: FluorescentGrey on AOOO; yeats-infection on Tumblr
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None
Length: 49:01
Description: Seattle punk AU
Summary: "Hux, your band fucking sucks and usually you're an asshole."

Okay, so, this is a little different for me. The other works I've recorded I chose because I was hearing their voices in my head; in other words, they were written in the cadence of speech. They were easy to read. This....was the other thing. If you listen to it you will hear me wrestling with every goddamn sentence and I cannot say that we both emerged unharmed. Also I recorded it on my phone as an experiment so it has a horrible Frankenstein character, which fits nicely with a fic so serenely unmoored in time that one moment its characters record things on their own phones and go outside to smoke and the next moment they're trading cassette tapes. Cassette tapes. It's like a telescoping of the timeline of my own personal life. It's like an ASMR video performed live onstage by the Dead Kennedys. It's like a fragment of a Marilynne Robinson novel if Marilynne Robinson decided to write about ass licking and hangovers. I fell in love with it when Hux's roommate sang to the cat. You'll see what I mean.

Text: Margin Walker on AOOO
Sound: Margin Walker, mp3 audiobook, on Mediafire.